Scales of Resistance

Imaging Antibiotic Resistance from the global to the microbial.

a film by Daniel Alexander and ScanLAB projects

Sound Design by Kaspar Broyd @ String and Tins

Scientific research by - Biomaterials Discovery at the University of Nottingham


Scales of Resistance is a collaboration between Scientists at the University of Nottingham, and the Artists Daniel Alexander and ScanLAB PROJECTS. This unique film uses real image data to explore antibiotic resistance at a range of scales, from scanning electron microscope images captured at 10 microns square, to satellite images of the globe.

Worldwide, antibiotic resistance causes 700,000 deaths per year, and it has been predicted that by 2050 this number could rise to 10 million deaths per year, unless urgent and effective action is taken. The researchers at the University of Nottingham have developed biomaterials that prevent biofilm formation. When these materials are used to coat medical devices that are put into the body, such as urinary and venous catheters, they prevent infection and reduce the need for antibiotics. This film contextualises this research in the context of the increase in antibiotic resistance.

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about the film - mail@danielalexanderphotography.co.uk

about the science - sian.rankin-turner@nottingham.ac.uk